Tamara Price BellAbout Tamara Price Bell

Tamara has a B.S. in Kinesiology, and works as a Physical Trainer and Nutritional Adviser. She was a professional cheerleader for Universal Cheerleader Association for 10 years and traveled to London, Paris, and Tokyo teaching tumbling, dance, and cheerleader stunting safety . She has been an exercise enthusiast for over 30 years and enjoys helping others look and feel their best.

The Key to Happiness as a Menopausal Woman

The Key to Happiness as a Menopausal Woman When women reach the age of menopause their bodies become their worst enemy. A woman’s hormones become deficient which wreaks havoc on her body by creating a number of different problems such as: reduced libido and sexual function, vaginal dryness, increased body fat and decreased muscle mass, … Read more