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Does Growth Hormone Increase Testosterone?

Does growth hormone increase testosterone

Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) has long been an ideal low testosterone treatment. It’s proven to improve mood and energy, increase muscle mass, raise libido, and is now the first line of defense for males struggling with hypogonadism. But, if you’re struggling with low testosterone, it’s only natural to consider other available options of treatments to … Read more

Do Testosterone Supplements Really Work?

Do Testosterone Supplements Really Work?

Many men have been intrigued by commercials promising renewed youth and vigor, not to mention freedom from a variety of unpleasant side effects of aging, if only they take XYZ testosterone supplements, to renew vigor, vitality, and so much more. The problem is, few magic pills can help restore lost health and vitality and many … Read more

GAINSWave and Pshot: Making Headline News

Gains Wave and Pshot: Making Headline News If the GAINSWave and PShot treatments are new to you, they are two treatments available to men today that can be more effective than little blue pills, offer broader results when treating erectile dysfunction and have the added benefits of increasing penis size and vascularity. And, the treatments … Read more

Medications & Erectile Dysfunction

Medications & Erectile Dysfunction Numerous prescription and over-the-counter medications can have side effects. One particular and undesirable side effect is erectile dysfunction (ED). In fact, according to a Harvard Special Health Report, around 25 percent of all ED cases involves a drug side effect. And, although these medications are meant to treat certain conditions or … Read more

How to Reverse Erectile Dysfunction

How to Reverse Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a disease that one of every 10 men around the world suffers from, according to UK Health Centre. And, according to a study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, one in four men, or 40 percent of study participants sought help for an erectile dysfunction condition. Men who have diabetes … Read more

How to Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction Options

Erectile dysfunction is a condition that affects more than half of all men and nearly 70 percent of men over the age of 70. New technology exists that promises new hope for improvements in erection sustainability and sexual performance for men. How to Treat Erectile Dysfunction Sexual health and performance is a subject that weighs … Read more

How to Boost Your Metabolism

How to Boost Your Metabolism

How to Boost Your Metabolism and Feel Great Doing It As we age there are hormonal changes that take place in our body that affect the way we store fat and lose fat. Our metabolic rate decreases because of these differences in hormones. We also lose muscle mass as we age which alters how much … Read more