What are the Benefits of Vaginoplasty – Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation?

Benefits of Vaginoplasty

As women get older and experience pregnancy and childbirth challenges, their body starts going through some changes which include their genitalia pelvic floor muscle becoming loose. When in childbirth, your ligaments, tissues, and fascia within your birth canal become weak as well. And, these factors can cause a reduced vaginal muscle tone and a “loose” … Read more

Savannah Age Management Medicine Adds Extensive MedSpa Capabilities

Savannah Age Management Medicine Adds Extensive Med Spa Capabilities POOLER, GA, February 27, 2020. Dr. Harry Collins, Life Fellow of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and certified Age Management practitioner, is proud to announce that Savannah Age Management Medicine is expanding its trusted solutions to provide a full suite of non-surgical Med Spa … Read more

How Does The Vampire Facelift Work?

vampire facelift

How Does a PRP Facial / Vampire Facelift Work? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could enjoy all the benefits of a cosmetic facelift without the risks associated with “going under the knife?” Well, now you can. Thanks to the vampire facelift. That’s only the beginning of the great things you can experience with the … Read more

Platelet-Rich Plasma Benefits and Treatment Options

Platelet-Rich Plasma

You may not have heard of Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) yet, but the odds are good that you’ll be hearing more and more about it in the future. This revolutionary treatment has been used by athletes to treat many injuries that would have required surgery otherwise. And now it’s available to you – for far more … Read more

Dr Harry Collins Featured Speaker On Bill Edwards Show

Dr Harry Collins Featured Speaker On Bill Edwards Show Dr Harry Collins, Medical Director of Savannah Age Management Medicine and board certified OB/GYN, was a recent featured speaker on The Bill Edwards Show on iHeart Radio’s WTKS-Savannah.  Dr. Collins spoke on the medical evidence supporting bio identical hormone optimization therapy as a way to slow … Read more

The Vampire Facelift

The Vampire Facelift – What’s So Special About It? The Vampire Facelift® is getting a lot of exposure on the news and in magazine articles lately. Many famous faces are choosing it as an alternative to surgical facelifts and the feedback is quite amazing. So, what is the Vampire Facelift® and what makes it different … Read more