GAINSWave and Pshot: Making Headline News

Gains Wave and Pshot: Making Headline News

If the GAINSWave and PShot treatments are new to you, they are two treatments available to men today that can be more effective than little blue pills, offer broader results when treating erectile dysfunction and have the added benefits of increasing penis size and vascularity. And, the treatments are making headline news.


The first such treatment is one known as the GAINSWave treatment that delivers a 20-minute extracorporeal shock wave therapy that does uses sound waves applied to the penis to improve blood flow to the region. Why is this treatment so important for men?

With more than 50 percent of men experiencing declining performance in the bedroom associated with age, including erectile dysfunction, and treatment with little blue pills and other pharmaceuticals offering potentially dangerous and/or unpleasant side effects, not to mention the fact the timing elements involved in taking them, the search for a better way began. GAINSWave

The GAINSWave offers a practically painless process for helping men of all ages achieve and maintain stronger erections in six to 12 treatments.


Short for Priapus shot, honoring the Greek god of fertility (whose name is also the synonym for penis), this shot is particularly helpful for men who have lost sensation or function in the penis due to health conditions, such as:

  • Enlarged prostates
  • Prostate cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Medication side effects

Among other things. While the main purpose of this shot is to restore form and function to the penis, added benefits may include increased penis sizes and improved sexual performance. Certainly not things the average partner will complain about.

The shot works by extracting growth factors from the blood and using those to rejuvenate the penis. In order to do this, the platelets are first extracted from the blood and then injected into the penis. But relax! You won’t feel a thing.

GAINSWave and PShot in the News: Men’s Health Magazine

While the idea of needles at play in a sensitive area, like your penis, may be a little off-putting, those who have experienced the PShot swear by it for not only bringing back sensation, libido, and mass. Most will even tell you that while they experience some sensation to the area, the entire region was number enough that they only felt mild pressure rather than any real pain, like the PShot account in this Men’s Health article.

In the article, the author not only took advantage of the GAINSWave treatment but also received the PShot for impressive results even his wife envied. Here is how his entire treatment went.

How does the process work? The first step in these treatments is numbing the entire region. Different physicians will use different methods. Among the most common are topical products applied liberally to the area.

At this point, a vial of blood is extracted from the forearm from which the platelets are extracted. Since this subject in the article was having both treatments, he was busy with the GAINSWave treatment while the platelets were being extracted from his blood elsewhere in the building.

The GAINSWave treatment involved using a wand that directs the sound waves through the tissues of the exterior of the penis. The vibrations may be a little intense but they are not painful and there are no harmful side effects like those associated with drugs used to treat erectile dysfunction.

The treatment lasts about 20 minutes in total. The next stage of treatment involves three shots, one for the left and one for the right side of the penis. Before they are administered, though, a nerve block is given. This is perhaps the more terrifying of the shots, primarily because of the location where it is administered. But the numbing cream should be working optimally at this point deadening any sensation you might have otherwise experiences.

Once you’ve had the injections the treatment part is over — at least what the doctors will do. The rest is up to you.

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