Hormone Replacement Therapy For Men

Side Effects of Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men

Hormone Replacement Therapy was once considered only a treatment for women going through the troublesome symptoms of perimenopause and menopause. Medical research in the past 30 years identifies andropause (also known as male menopause) as having just as significant an impact in the male body as menopause does in females. Andropause relates specifically to the reduced production of testosterone in men, but today we recognize that testosterone alone is not a complete treatment. Hormone Replacement Therapy takes this into consideration.

Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men

Hormone Replacement Therapy For Men

Most men when researching Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) want to know what the possible side effects can be. This is a valid concern that deserves an honest answer. Hormone Replacement Therapy for men (including testosterone replacement therapy) is a preventative therapy meant to help you achieve a high level of physical health and keep it. HRT using bioidentical hormones (as opposed to synthetic hormones) has been proven through hundreds of medical studies and reports in medical research journals to be a safe and effective choice. However, with any doctor-supervised health therapy, there is always the chance that your body will react differently than someone else’s.

The sharp increase in the number of men choosing to add HRT to their healthy lifestyle is a direct result of more and more studies and articles pointing to the health benefits HRT provides to patients over the past 30+ years of study. The effects documented include: increased energy levels, increased libido and improved erections, increased lean muscle mass, increase metabolic rate (which in turn increases the ability to burn fat stores), increased mental clarity and focus, improved overall mood/outlook on life, reduced high blood pressure, improved sleep patterns, reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, various cancers and diabetes. This is just a partial list of the benefits related to Hormone Replacement Therapy for men.

Neutral side effects in some men include increases in the rate of facial hair and/or body hair growth, and minor thickening of the vocal cords and deepening of the voice.

Hormone Replacement Therapy For MenWhat about negative side effects? As with any medical therapy, each person may respond differently. Increasing hormone levels on rare occasions increases the production of DHA in men, resulting in possible hair loss. The most common side effects (approximately 6% of patients) can be alleviated with adjustments to your dosage level, including: oily skin or hair, headaches, acne breakouts, aggressiveness/bossiness, increased blood pressure readings, strong body odor, and skin reaction at the application site.

The most rare and serious side effects are directly related to HRT interacting with another medication or with a pre-existing health concern. In most situations, adjustments to dosage are sufficient to correct the concern.

Hormone Replacement Therapist

When looking for a Hormone Replacement Therapist, make sure they understand what you want to achieve and explain in detail the treatment plan they are recommending and why. Ask if they have specialized training and certifications in Hormone Replacement Therapy and Hormone Optimization Therapy. If you have pre-existing conditions, a specialist in Hormone Therapy will be able to customize your treatments with your condition in mind. Lab results should be covered with you in detail and reviewed regularly during your first year or two of treatment. Your doctor should be receptive to your input and how you feel overall. The ultimate goal of HRT is to maximize a man’s ability to live a life of strength and vitality so you can enjoy all the days you have. Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men.

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