How Long Does it Take for Hormone Therapy to Start Working?

Find out how long it takes for hormone therapy to work.

Hormone therapy can be an effective tool for men and women to address changes in their lives, many of which are commonly related to aging. Addressing these hormonal changes can help you maintain your youth and vitality much longer, allowing you to look and feel younger. Many people enter hormone therapy expecting instant results. Unfortunately, … Read more

7 Reasons You May Reap Benefits from Bioidentical Hormone Optimization

Benefits from Bioidentical Hormone Optimization

Bioidentical hormones have been used widely to good effects helping to replace or bring balance to hormones the body produces naturally even when your body is no longer producing the right amount of these hormones. But, what are they? Bioidentical hormones, in essence, are synthetic hormones having the same chemical structure as your body creates … Read more