Hormone Replacement

There is overwhelming evidence that supports the claim that Hormone Replacement Therapy is safer and effective. Most of us over the age of 40 begin to experience hormone imbalance therefore, in order to balance your hormones for optimal health and wellness you need to best tested and evaluated by a trained Hormone Replacement Therapy Doctor who will perform comprehensive lab testing and in depth analysis. Based on your hormone levels, he will tailor a bio identical hormone regimen designed just for you.

Aging is inevitable but looking and feeling old is optional. Savannah Age Management Medicine is your gateway to next-generation medical science. Optimizing all of our deficient hormones - thyroid, testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, and DHEA to levels we had in our youth is beneficial to both our health and quality of life. Some common problems associated with hormone deficiency are: reduced libido and sexual function, increased body fat and decreased muscle mass, fatigue and lethargy, depression, anxiety and irritability, loss of drive, creativity and self-confidence Bio identical hormone optimization using prescribed hormone medications under a physician’s care can alleviate many of the these symptoms.

Savannah Age Management Medicine has the knowledge and the expertise to maximize your potential for improvement through physician prescribed bio identical hormone optimization.

It's never too early - and never too late. When you're ready to maximize your health potential, contact us for a no - obligation confidential discussion.

What Are The Signs You Need Hormone Replacement Therapy?


Hormone Replacement For Men

Testosterone Optimization

Male Hormone Replacement Therapy. Testosterone has always been known as the male sex hormone.

Hormone Replacement Therapy For Women

Hormone Replacement For Women

Female Hormone Treatment

Everyday, millions of women suffer uncomfortable disabling symptoms associated with the hormonal imbalance of pre-menopause.