The Medical Spa At Savannah Age Management Medicine

Are you ready for stunning results with little to no downtime? The MedSpa at Savannah Age Management provides you with the latest non-surgical enhancements that will roll back the damage that time has done to the sensitive skin on your face and neck. Our facials, Botox and non-surgical facelifts are all performed by friendly and highly-qualified professionals that are focused on your comfort and providing the best possible outcome.



Temporarily relax and soften the wrinkles, taking years off of your age. This safe and effective anti-aging treatment has been used by millions of individuals throughout the world to create a more youthful appearance.

Non-Surgical Facelift

Non-Surgical Facelift

If you’re looking for an alternative to traditional facelift procedures while still gaining the benefits, you will love our non-surgical facelifts! Enjoy firmer, smoother skin and a more youthful appearance without the downtime.



Personalized facials brighten and tighten the skin of the face and neck, creating a firmer, glowing and more youthful appearance. Deep cleansing of the pores and skin exfoliation provide for exceptional elasticity and a more even skin tone.

Signature Services

Allowing someone to perform procedures on your face is the ultimate act of trust, and the team at Savannah Age Management Medicine has significant experience in the services that we offer. As a well-known organization in the Savannah community, you can be confident that our staff is fully trained, vetted and proud to provide an exceptional level of service for each patient that we see.

Quickly Get Younger, Healthier-Looking Skin

At Savannah Age Management Medicine, we love what we do -- and that’s making our patients look and feel younger with a measured approach to age management. Our focus is always on creating a natural look that turns back the clock on aging without appearing unnatural or causing excessive downtime for our patients. We want you to experience the confidence and convenience that come with fresh, beautiful skin that is truly healthy. We utilize a range of services from Botox and non-surgical facelifts to facials to help restore your skin, reduce wrinkles and define more sculpted facial features.

Don’t Accept Aging Gracefully

With today’s advanced techniques, there is no reason to simply accept that you must look your age! The doctors and technicians at Savannah Age Management Medicine will work closely with each patient to ensure you receive the proper treatment and care for your skin that will help you look younger and feel more self-assured at any age. There are no requirements for our patients and no hard-and-fast rules about aging -- sagging skin, age spots and wrinkles can occur at any age!

See how our team of licensed professionals can define a path of treatment that will help you get the results of your dreams. Contact us today at 912-324-7848 to schedule your free initial consultation -- and get started reducing the outward signs of aging!

Rebecca Spacek

Our Cosmetic Laser Practitioner

Rebecca Spacek is an Assistant Cosmetic Laser Practitioner, licensed in the State of Georgia. She studied at the Scottsdale's Institute for Medical Aesthetics, in Arizona, is a Master Cosmetologist, and has been a professional Aesthetician and Certified Lasographer for 12 years. Becca began her professional career as an Assistant Cosmetic Laser Practitioner and Aesthetician in Savannah and has been helping to establish multiple medspas here in the local area. She is most proud of her work at Cannon Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Cannon MedSpa where she worked closely with cancer patients. Becca provided these vulnerable patients with treatment plans that helped rid them of the scarring caused by radiation treatments and surgeries. The services Becca provides helped boost the confidence of her patients while ensuring they remained completely comfortable during her services. Becca holds 12 different certificates, loves her work and prides herself on getting outstanding results for her patients.