Photo Facial

For centuries, people have been focused on achieving a bright, youthful appearance with skin rejuvenating procedures. Today, photo facials provide a safe and gentle way to eliminate sun damage, rosacea, fine lines, and hyperpigmentation. Men and women of all ages benefit from radiantly beautiful skin thanks to the photo facial.

How Does a Photo Facial Work?

The photo facial reduces the appearance of blemishes. Our technicians use knowledge of your beauty goals to rejuvenate the skin with intense, penetrating pulses of light. Each pulse reaches below the epidermis or outer layer of the skin. The light constricts collagen and blood vessels. You are left looking and feeling your best.

What Can You Expect From the Photo Facial?

As we age, our skin loses a bit of elasticity, with the repeated frowning and smiling that we do on a daily basis contributing The photo facial begins with the application of lubricating and cooling gel to the treatment area. The technician provides protective eyewear. Bright flashes of light pulse out of the handpiece against your skin. During this process, you may feel a light sting on your skin. It will feel similar to a rubber band bouncing against your face.

The length of the procedure is based on the area for treatment and your treatment goals. Any potential side effects, like swelling and redness, are short-lived. Patients can typically return to work right away. Sensitivity to the sun is a common side effect following a photo facial. Patients should avoid the sun for a few days and wear sunblock regularly after the facial.

Why Choose the Photo Facial Procedure?

The photo facial provides many benefits not offered by other facials. Our technique reduces pigmentation and redness of the skin with little to no downtime. Technicians are able to provide all of these benefits with minimal discomfort and very few side effects. Your photo facial results include brighter and lighter skin with a long-lasting glow

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