Platinum Photo Facial

Today, many of our memories are captured in photos and posted on social media. Some people even make their living with gorgeous pictures. Do you want to feel photo-ready at a moment's notice? A Platinum Photo Facial might be your best choice.

What Is a Platinum Photo Facial?

The Platinum Photo Facial combines several services to give you picture-perfect skin. A professional will examine your face to ensure that each treatment is perfectly suited for any special needs, like dry or oily skin.

The procedure begins with dermaplaning to remove peach fuzz and environmental toxins from your skin. This pain-free procedure provides exfoliation with a scalpel, allowing the technician to focus on problem areas to leave your skin as smooth as possible.

Next, the technician will perform a SilkPeel Dermalinfusion procedure to further exfoliate your skin and add a serum that is catered to your skin's needs. The SilkPeel handpiece removes any dead skin cells and other debris, reducing the appearance of blemishes, scars, and fine lines that might make you look older.

The procedure ends with the traditional Photo Facial procedure. The Photo Facial uses intense light therapy to reduce pigmentation, decrease redness, and increase collagen production. The results include brighter skin and a healthy glow.

What Should You Expect From a Platinum Photo Facial?

By the end of the Platinum Photo Facial procedure, you can count on brighter skin. Your skin will also offer increased elasticity and strength, and it will stand up to any of the day's challenges--including photos. You can expect more radiant skin that lasts for weeks.

Is the Platinum Photo Facial Right For You?

The Platinum Photo Facial is a fantastic option for anybody who feels their skin has become dull or dry. If you want to improve the appearance of your skin without sacrificing downtime, you will love this treatment designed with your skin in mind.

Savannah Age Management Medicine provides a variety of procedures that leave your skin hydrated and soft. Not only will you feel the difference, but others will be able to see it--even in photos.