Signature Facial

For decades, men and women have turned to professionals as a way to combat aging. A signature facial is an effective anti-aging treatment you can count on to leave your skin feeling youthful and smooth. Signature facials are unique to each spa, and you can count on a technician to address your specific skin concerns

How Does a Signature Facial Work?

When you come in for a signature facial, a professional will use skincare products and techniques targeted for your skin. Each spa has its own procedure for facial treatments. Technicians often like to incorporate natural elements known to target common skin ailments. Our technicians examine your skin and perform treatments that are best suited to clear blemishes and leave you feeling refreshed.

What Can You Expect From a Signature Facial?

Facials target the outer layers of the skin and essentially resurface the area, eliminating scars and redness. You can expect to leave the spa with tighter pores and increased skin elasticity. Your skin will be clear and exuberant after your technician evens out minor imperfections. Our signature facial procedure is a highly-effective anti-aging treatment. Plus, it takes less than one hour.

First, your technician will perform a dermalplaning procedure to gently exfoliate the skin on your face. This process removes environmental toxins and old skin. Next, the technician will perform a SilkPeel treatment followed by a Signature Facelift Peel. The results? Fresh skin that is radiant and smooth to the touch.

Is a Signature Facial Right For You?

Do you notice minor imperfections in the mirror? Do you ever feel like your skin doesn't have the bright outline it used to? Are your scars more noticeable in the mirror? A signature facial provides a great way to brighten and smooth your complexion when you don't want any downtime.

You can also pair this facial with other procedures to leave your skin fresh and youthful. Savannah Age Management Medicine provides signature facials in addition to a variety of other treatments. A signature facial is safe, gentle, and highly effective.