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I heard so many great things about Dr. Collins program that I had to try it for myself. After only 3 months on a hormone replacement program I started having more energy and generally feeling better all over. I am 51 but feel like I did in my forties. Thanks Dr. Collins. I also had the added benefit of being a part of Dr. Collins vaginal tightening, which was a huge hit with my husband.
- Vicki C.

I can't say enough good things about Dr. Harry Collins and his team at Savannah Age Management. I only wish I'd started this years ago. In my early forty's I put on weight and couldn't get it off even though I exercised and tried to eat correctly. I had been reading about bio-identical hormone replacement for about four years when I found Dr. Collins and decided to try the system. The second night after beginning the hormones and supplements I was able to sleep the night through, which hadn't happened in years. That alone made it a great move for me. I'm five feet tall, and at the beginning I weighed 126, which is way too much for my height. It's been sixteen months since we began the program and I'm now between 103 and 105. We still exercise and have switched to a low carb, moderate protein, high fat diet. I will never be without bio-identical hormone replacement again - it has made all the difference in the world in how I feel. Thank you, Dr. Collins!
- - Sandie S.

I wasn't suffering any major symptoms when I went to see Dr. Collins. But I'm happy I did. My thyroid was underperforming as evidenced by blood tests performed by my family doctor. After doing my own research I knew that I needed to supplement with thyroid hormone, and was convinced that bioidentical hormone was the right choice for me. Unfortunately, I knew that my family doctor would insist on a synthetic. My research showed that most doctors today prescribe only synthetics. I looked for bioidentical friendly doctors and discovered that Dr. Collins is all about bioidentical whenever possible. And I was thrilled to find that he was conveniently located near my home. I'm now happy to say that not only are my thyroid hormones where they should be, but my other major hormones are at youthful levels as they should be. And, now approaching 70 years young, I'm feeling great! Dr. Collins is, without any doubt, the most caring doctor I've ever met with. It's always my pleasure to visit with him as we work together on my road back to a healthier, youthful self.
- - Len M.

Both my wife and I have been on the program for approximately five months now, what a difference. Our quality of life has been steadily improving with every week. Improved endurance, more energy, and we actually look forward to working out. Dr. Collins is great and follows you along each milestone. Highly recommend it for every married couple.
- Mark Miller

At 53 years old, I felt like I was carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders. I was, in fact, overweight and tired all of the time, steadily gaining weight and struggling to stay awake long enough at night to spend quality time with my wife and family. I heard about Dr. Collins and Savannah Age Management Medicine through friends. Upon calling Dr. Collins, I was warmly welcomed to visit with him and to discuss my concerns. Within one week of beginning my personally prescribed regimen, I felt so much more full of energy! I'm much more alert now, I actually sleep all night and my libido has actually improved! I've lost weight and feel years younger. It has certainly given me a new lease on life!
- L. Branson

Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my treatments that I received. I have noticed that I have a LOT more energy throughout the day. For the last few years, I had felt much more "sluggish" in the mornings and throughout the day. The treatments that you provided to me have been a simple fix to my problem. You have given me the energy that I need that has allowed me to maintain a productive life.
- Edward Cohen

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